About The Cottages of Southern Minnesota


We currently have two locations in Austin, Minnesota, which each offer a unique housing option and vary in levels of services offered;

West Park, is a Board & Lodge, this site can support 11 individuals living comfortably.

204 House, is a 245D licensed Community Residential Setting (CRS), 204 can support 4 individuals living here.

These residential neighborhoods are in high demand because of their location so close to many services as well as job opportunities and community activities.  The homes were built in the early 1900's and structurally offer beauty and character to go along with ample space for communal activities or to get away for some quiet time.  The homes are two story structures with all of the bedrooms on the upper levels, the homes have not been modified for accessibility.

We also offer Individualized Home Supports, this service would be provided in your own home or setting outside of The Cottages.   For more information inquire with us.

If you would like to know more about what we have available and take a tour please inquire about placement.

Our Team

Our team of direct care staff provide caring hands on support to the individuals living in the home while ensuring that they along with the individual(s) served are a valued part of their local communities.

Our Program Manager works in and support the day to day goings on of each home, the Program Manager along with a Program Director are responsible for ensuring the individuals needs are being met and the direct care staff have the training and support they need.

Our team of Program Directors who each support two homes along with our Executive Directors work tirelessly to ensure that our direct care staff can deliver the very best quality of care while maintaining personal choice and dignity of the individuals served.

All of our teams are supported by our Administrator who along with our Office Staff, Human Resources and Maintenance Department ensure every level of our organization has the tools and resources to meet the needs of the individuals served.


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Care Services

Our team of direct support staff are dedicated to supporting individuals in living a full and healthy life while maintaining autonomy and dignity. Under the experience and leadership of our team the direct support staff have the knowledge and support to do so.

Funding accepted:
Private pay

Waivered Services: CADI, DD, BI


If you have any questions about specific services please contact us: